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Achieving Recognized Teacher Status (TTRT)

A. Relationship to the British Columbia Therapeutic Touch Network

The applicant for Recognized Teacher status:

1. Is a member in good standing with BCTTNS.

2. Is a Recognized Practitioner for a minimum of two years.

3. Follows BCTTNS Curriculum Guidelines for teaching Krieger/Kunz Therapeutic Touch™️.

4. Submits a course outline and teaching strategies for each level taught.

5. Signs and follows the Teachers Code of Ethics.

6. Participates in Teachers ‘ Collective Group activities (where possible).

7. Submits the current application fee. Select the RT Application Fee option in the box below:

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B. TT Education and Practice Requirements

The applicant for Recognized Teacher status provides documentation to demonstrate:

Has successfully completed TT Level 1, 2, and 3 (Dates, Instructor, Level).

Has completed a workshop(s) in teaching/instructional skills, curriculum planning, or adult education (Dates, Instructor, Level).

Has studied with at least two Recognized Teachers, in order to experience a variety of teaching styles and methods (Dates, Instructor, Level).

Following Level 3:

Has taken 5 higher-level TT workshops or courses e.g. Mentorship Invitational; Intermediate/Advanced Invitational; TT instructor workshops; TT conference. (Dates, Instructor, Level)

Has co-taught a minimum of 5 classes with a RT, gradually taking increased teaching responsibility. (Dates, RT, Level)

Provides a letter of recommendation from a supervising/mentoring Recognized Teacher.

Provides a written description about your areas of challenge and inner growth as you prepared to become a BCTTN Recognized Teacher. Develop a plan for further self growth in teaching (1 page).

C. Exceptional Cases:

The Education Committee may consider equivalent experience, education and practice in TT for an alternate Recognized TT Teacher process.

A teacher recognized by another Canadian or International TT network; Camp Indralaya, Orcas Island; Pumpkin Hollow; or Therapeutic Touch International Association, Inc. must provide proof of Recognized Teacher Status and a letter from the network/association indicating good standing in that organization.

A member in good standing has all dues/fees paid in full and is not presently receiving any disciplinary action and/or restrictions to practice.