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Members can now pay for their annual BCTTNS membership via PayPal. Please remit your payment to bcttns14@gmail.com.

Practitioner Referral Form

Hello Members

BCTTNS is pleased to announce that we are establishing a Practitioner Referral Listing.  The purpose of this listing is to enable practitioners to be referred to people who are seeking a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner in their area.

We are inviting practitioners and teachers who are current members in good standing and are interested in providing Therapeutic Touch services in and around their area to complete our Practitioner Referral Form through the website.  The link to this form is in the members only area.

Here’s what to do:

Go to the BCTTNS website www.bctherapeutictouch.com and sign in as a member (left hand side of site)

Username:   will be your email address

Password:  is “member” unless you have requested a new password.

(if you are having a problem signing in, please email me back and I will check that your email is correct on the website).

Click on the “Join” button at the top of the site and scroll down to near the bottom of the page and click on “Practitioner Referral Form” 

You can then fill in the details and “submit” it at the bottom.

Tarja Oostendarp, Secretary will manage the list and contact you should a request for a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner come in your area.

If you want to contact Tarja re this list her email is:  buddyandboots@hotmail.com


Jacqui Saran

Membership Co-ordinator

Therapeutic Touch Certificate Program

This is a brand new program, taught by Cheryl Larden, at Langara College, Vancouver, which will include all the courses, and more, necessary to receive the BCTTNS Recognized Practitioner Status. The courses in the Therapeutic Touch Certificate Program can be taken individually, whether or not you intend to proceed and get a certificate. The certificate program includes: Therapeutic Touch Levels 1, 2, and 3, Therapeutic Touch Mentorship, The Art of Self-Compassion, Anatomy and Physiology for Body Workers, and one elective of either Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction or a small business course.

Applying for TTRP or TTRT? Sending in your Maintaining TTRP or TTRT?

Fay Torgerson will be accepting all applications and renewals for TTRP and TTRT and will be coordinating their review. Please send applications to Fay at 5756 172B Street, Surrey, B.C. V3S 4A1 or direct any questions to her at HF_Torg@telus.net or 604-576-8176.

For those sending in their RP applications, please send two complete photocopies of your RP workbook. Our assessors have found it useful to make notes and comments on the workbook, and scanned copies are sometimes difficult to read. Please keep your original, as we wouldn’t want all of your work to be lost in the mail. The review can be a lengthy process. Please allow 8 – 12 weeks.

More direct access to the board!

As always, we are interested in the feedback from our members. If you have any questions or feedback or if you would just like to let us know what you have been doing, please contact Tarja, your BCTTNS Secretary, at buddyandboots@hotmail.com  or 604-393-0636. Tarja will be your direct link to the board.